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  • "I've been in the SEO industry for over a decade and I've never seen anyone break down tactics that work in such a simple way before." - John Harris, Harris Marketing
  • "I'm in awe at how much value is in this course. This is a steal at this price!" - Lauren Parker, Freelance SEO
  • "Following the blueprint and very pleased so far. Results are speaking for themselves and our Google Analytics shows a 230% increase in traffic!" - Jeffrey McKinley, Business Owner

"Gabriel helped us start bringing people in to our door after we lost thousands in paid advertising. SEO really was the way to go and Local SEO Shuriken is like my bible. Thank you Gabriel!"

- David White, Los Angeles Landscaping

David White

"Local SEO Shuriken Is THE Ultimate Resource If You Want To Learn SEO"

 "Gabriel did not ask me for a testimonial, but I wanted to share my experience after purchasing a copy of Local SEO Shuriken in November of 2021. No matter what I was doing I was getting nowhere with Search Engine Optimization, and I felt like I was spending time on things that weren't doing anything for me or my business. I knew I had a lack of knowledge and that was the problem. After doing a bit of research, I stumbled across Local SEO Shuriken. I decided to reluctantly give it a go, and to this day it is the best decision I made. 

Collin Barnes

I went from not showing up in Google Maps at all to being #1 for DJ'ing in Dallas.

Thank you Gabriel and the Local Rank Ninja team! Local SEO Shuriken is THE ultimate resource if you want to learn SEO. What Gabriel teaches works - and I can't recommend it highly enough."

- Collin Barnes, Local SEO Shuriken Customer

Elizabeth Hunter

"This course is the real deal. I understand why it's important to get customers from Google, but every course I was buying had too much jargon and made things too complicated. That's why it was a breath of fresh air to finally experience Search Engine Optimization explained in simple speak. I am very grateful for that and have been enjoying the course so far!" 

 - Elizabeth Hunter, Market Real Estate

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